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Frequently Asked Questions


What’s a Voice Code?

A word you have chosen during the sign-up process that is used to verify your identity when speaking to the Response Centre.

Why do I need a Voice Code?

So that the Response Centre can verify your identity to resolve an alert or provide information about an active alert if you are an organisation’s escalation contact.

Why do I need location services on?

The app needs to use your location services whenever you activate an alert or miss a welfare timer check-in. This is so the Response Centre can see where you are if you need help.

Are you tracking my location all the time?

No. Your location is only sent to our Response Centre when you activate a safety or medical alert, or your Welfare Timer runs overdue.

Can employers see my location?

No. This is not accessible to employers therefore can’t be used as a spying tool. We only receive your location details in the Response Centre when you activate an alert, or your Welfare Timer runs overdue.

What is a Welfare Timer?

It's a countdown timer that asks you to check in after the time has elapsed. If you miss the check in it goes into alert where our Response Centre will give you a call to check on your welfare or send help if required.

It’s best to use the Welfare Timer when you’re working alone, remotely or even attending appointments with clients or patients. Set your exact location (even the floor or room number) and how long you’re there for. That way, if you miss a check in, your location is then sent to the Response Centre to give you the help you need, 24/7.

What is a Safety Shake?

It activates a safety alert from the app by shaking your phone. You can use this when a Welfare Timer is running to quickly trigger an alert if you need help without unlocking your phone to get to the app.

Can I change the Shake Settings?

Yes, through the app settings menu, go into Shake Detection and change the settings. You can also test it in here to make sure it’s not set too low and at risk of triggering false alarms.

I can’t find my app code to log in

Your app code is sent via email and SMS when you first register. If you lose it or change phones, just give our support team a call on 1300 265 151 to reissue your app code.

What if I change phones?

No problem, just contact your organisation’s WSG Administrator to update your details and provide a new app code, or give our support team a call on 1300 265 151

Why do I need to give personal details on the sign-up form?

This is only ever used if you have an emergency and we need to send emergency services out to you. The more accurate a description we have the easier it is to find you. This information is stored securely to maintain your privacy and is only accessible during an alert to our Response Centre.

What if my personal details or appearance changes?

It’s important you keep your details updated. You can contact your organisation WSG Administrator or our WSG support team on 1300 265 151, we’ll resend you the sign-up form to make the changes yourself, so it’s all kept completely secure and your privacy is maintained.

Can I use Voice Commands to trigger an alert?

Yes, on iPhones you can configure your own voice commands with Siri. On Android phones these are hard coded with Google. Contact our support team on 1300 265 151 for more information.

Do you have a duress device or button?

Yes, we have an integrated Bluetooth button that comes with a clip that can be worn on your clothing. This connects to the WSG app and can be used to activate a safety alert and (optionally) to interact with welfare timers.

What if I can’t reach my phone and I need help?

You can activate alerts using Voice Commands (Siri and Google) or using our integrated Bluetooth button which has an extended long-range Bluetooth connection. Contact our Support team on 1300 265 151 for more information.

Can I cancel an alert on the app?

No. For security reasons, once an alert has been activated it is sent to the Response Centre to action and the app is locked. To resolve an alert, you can call their direct line: 08 8394 4050 and quote your voice code.

Do I need to unlock my phone to respond to timers?

Timers are able to be actioned through the lock screen, some smart watches, through voice commands or via the integrated Bluetooth button, to ensure that each user has an easy way of interacting with the timers.


Can I manage my own users of the WSG app?

Yes, WSG provide your own individual client management portal where you can manage your teams of users, escalation contacts and generate reports as required. Contact our support team on 1300 265 151 for more details

Do you have a management portal?

Yes, each organisation is allocated their own management portal for onboarding/off boarding app users, managing teams and reporting.

How do I get some training?

Our support team can provide one on one training or in small groups as best suits your business. Give us a call on 1300 265 151 to discuss your needs.

What’s an Escalation Contact?

The people who are nominated in your organisation for one or more app users in emergencies. If an app user activates an alert and they can’t be contacted our Response Centre will call the escalation contacts to find out their best course of action.

Can I have more than one Escalation Contact?

Yes, it is advisable to have more than one point of contact during an active alert. WSG would recommend up to three escalation contacts per app user. An escalation contact can be assigned to multiple teams and app users.

How much is the app?

The price of the app is dependent on the number of users. To learn more about the pricing structure and the included features, please click here (hyperlinked pricing page)

Can my employees use the app after hours?

Yes, if your organisation has approved this. Your organisation will either designate organisation contacts after-hours or allow you to choose personal contacts who will be contacted first in an emergency.

What is a Response Plan?

A plan to be followed by the Response Centre when an app user activates an alert. This is usually tailored to the individual organisation’s requirements such as when to contact escalations, emergency services and/or private security patrol, and forms part of the agreement with WorkSafe Guardian.

Is it hard to sign up?

No. This is a simple and automated process and can be completed in minutes. Once the user is added to the system, they are automatically emailed their registration form followed by their app log in credentials and training information once the form has been completed. For larger organisations, automated bulk upload of app users is also available on request.

Do you have a free trial so I can test the app?

Yes, we offer a 14 day no obligation free trial so you can use the app for yourself, experience the response time and use all of the features. This is a live trial so you can speak with our Response Centre when testing the app for call back service only. We can also offer a team our full response trial if required that could contain escalation contacts, emergency services or private security patrol response where necessary. Please contact our WSG Support team on 1300 265 151 to discuss.

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